Our Story

Maria and Caro first crossed paths in the buzzing corridors of Stanford's engineering department. These two ambitious Mexican women, driven by a shared passion for their homeland, recognized an opportunity amid Mexico City's tech ecosystem. Their journey from Silicon Valley operators in tech giants to Latin American angel investors led to the birth of Nido Ventures.

🪺 Shared Roots, Shared Vision: Maria and Caro's initial meeting at Stanford laid the foundation for their shared dream of working together for Latin America.

🪺 Angel Beginnings: Venturing into angel investing, their collaborations during their second Stanford stint revealed a potent combination: Maria's knack for connections and Caro's tech foresight.

🪺 Spotting the Gap: While profoundly engaged with startups, they observed a pressing need: the absence of technical, Spanish-speaking investors in Latin America.

🪺 The Birth of Cross-Border Nido: Harnessing their unique strengths and cross-border experiences, they embarked on the Nido Ventures journey, aspiring to channel capital innovatively and empower the B2B tech sector in Spanish-speaking Americas.